And still more lace.

I will be uploading lace for a while.  I’ve got a lot of it to do.

The pics in this post are of the infamous “flamingo handkerchief”.    It was actually my first reticello work, and even though I didn’t have the idea about reticello at the time, it turned out not so bad.  Yes, the little bit of embroidery on the sided of the handkerchief are ‘feather stitch’.  You know, cuz I couldn’t use feathers, or embroider feathers on the handkerchief at all, yet this put something ‘feather’ on it…

 dsc00728.jpg                        dsc00731.jpg                  dsc00733.jpg                         dsc00735.jpg

Note:  The flamingo handkerchief was part of an elaborate ‘joke’ that was given to the Baroness of Dragonsspine.  It was something that got started a while back, that people have run with and were having a lot of fun with.   This specific project was because Her Excellency had started a “Flamingo Guard” to keep anything flamingo away from her.  So, one person on the Guard decided she had to find all the loopholes of the charter, and got people to make things that were pink, black, and white.  She asked me to make something, and this was my contribution to the cause.  For my efforts, I was given the “bird flu” —  An embroidered patch with a pink flamingo on it, which I wear proudly at every event I go to.  🙂                                                                              


One thought on “And still more lace.

  1. hi i love ur jewerly and ur lace making ur food too lol but i was tryin to find someone who could make a logo based lace for my clothes, im a up coming clothing designer and i would love it if we could talk. You can email me if u like thks and have a blessed dy.

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