Lace completed!

I have completed two new lace pieces, just in time for the competition I’m entering tomorrow.

Queen’s Prize Tourney, in the Outlands, is being held on Sunday, Feb 17.  The rules are that anybody who does not have a Grant Level award or higher (Flower of the Outlands, Laurel) or who is not a Lady of the Rose, may enter one A&S item.  The entrant has to be sponsored by an above mentioned award holder.

As I have not been honored yet with any of the above awards, I am entering a piece of lace.   Yes, I know, you are all shocked to find out I’m entering some lace.

White lace

This lace is made with 35/2 linen.  It is one motif from a pattern from a German Needle Lace Pattern book, from 1597.  I still have to sew the lace onto some fabric and make a small pouch out of it, but that won’t take me very long to do.

At Queen’s Prize, there’s a competition that’s being sponsored by the Ladies of the Rose.  This competition is for “A Rose in Any Medium.”  So, of course, I made a lace rose.  Again, I’m sure you are all surprised.

lace rose

This was made with DMC tatting thread, and the pattern was a modern pattern of a Tudor Rose.  Where the wrapped bars are in the pink and rose areas, I wish I’d put needle weaving instead.  I think it would have made it look nicer.  However, I’m pleased with the overall look of the lace.



After I finished the pink piece I just posted about, I decided to tackle a much more difficult, and more SCA Period, pattern.

The pattern came from Les Singuliers Et Nouveaux Pourtraicts 1587 by Frederico de Vinciolo.


I started out with the intent to do all the beautiful lace around the arch as well, but ran out of time (and patience) with it.  This was another learning piece.  One of the most important things I learned on this one was that while using a 50/2 thread (2 strands of thread at a 50 gauge) it was too big.  I lost a lot of detail in the inner scallops.

I ordered a finer thread (90/3) and was able to have the detail in the saddle before I finished this piece.


As you can see, I lost detail in the front leg, and wasn’t able to put any of the picots or the arches on half lozenges hanging on the inside of the arch.

The more I make lace, the more I’m learning about it!

Trying to make a go of this again

I know it’s been a long time since I did any posting here.  Life became difficult for a while.

I think I’m back now.


While I haven’t been posting, I have done a few lace items I want to upload here.


Pink Punto in Aria2

This was my first attempt at doing “Punto in Aria” lace.  I took the inspiration from a plate I bought at the grocery store:



I learned a lot in that piece, and there are things I would definitely do differently.  But it was a good learning piece.